Historical Background

ALBENZETA GROUP OF COMPANIES were established from a vision of a woman who has the expertise in supplying professional, skilled and unskilled manpower in some parts of the world, such as in the United States of America, Malaysia, Canada and Israel since 1988, with the cooperation of its US counterpart World Health Resources, Inc. With the boom of telecommunications in the Philippines, she then decided to venture into the said business on December 1997. Having a pool of experts, she then managed a team of young, honest and dedicated telecommunication Engineers as well as electrical and civil workers.

On October 29, 2001 the company became a corporation, ALBENZETA GENERAL SERVICES, INC., to strengthen its core business of telecommunication industry.

On 18th of May 2012, with the grace and blessings of God Almighty business prosper and the company venture to a new line of business, Real Estate Development and established a new company, ALBENZETA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION with the same Board of Directors, to continuously promote its business vision towards Strength, Efficiency and Quality product output.

Vision / Mission

The company`s mission is to provide excellent engineering services and distinguish itself from competitors by assuring its clients of the best technical expertise on the various aspects of our operation at the same time upgrading the skills and capabilities of our own personnel in order to promote the economic growth of this country and to help upgrade the quality of life.


The company is organized into five working groups as follows:


responsible for the company’s financial management.


responsible for personnel management.


responsible for project evaluation design and quality control.


responsible for all project implementation and management.


responsible for sales, advertising, and promotions of the company.